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 How is Your Flow?

  • How do your people reflect the health of your group? Are they competitive? collaborative? cooperative?
  • Does your group function at peak efficiency?  How do you know?
  • Are your systems serving everyone so they can do their best work every day or are your systems sabotaging best efforts?
  • How do you get buy-in when change needs to happen? 

Why Should All Enterprises be Interested in High Levels of Office Operations Effectiveness?

  • Malfunctions are expensive - way too expensive - on the business and its people but the pain is not recognized on financial statements
  • Results are not what they should be but no one sees the breakdown in systems and between people as the reason
  • Time - how expensive are mediocre operations on time?  People think meetings will solve the issues - they won't because the malfunctions are fundamental to every activity - meetings just consume a lot of time and don't usually accomplish much. How much does a meeting cost?  Add up the salaries and benefits for each meeting attendee by the minute - do the results justify that cost?
  • Progress such as growth, change and idea development go unattended because people are in the "weeds" instead of the "flowers"

The cost of poor operations may be higher than you think!

Why is no one paying attention? Criteria for promotions often include the numbers of staff being managed.   Leaders rise to the top if they are given the opportunity.  Hiring more people just confuses the operational integrity because no one really knows what is required and what is not.  Hiring is more difficult because people are not being hired to fulfill an important function but rather to give a political figure a position for which they are unsuited.  Obviously, the problem will follow the manager - don't bother managing, just add more people. 

No Enterprise Can Afford These Luxuries  

And how many people just show up to work, do the least they can and go home every day not giving one thought how to improve themselves or their work?  Many, especially in large institutions, where chances of losing their jobs are minimal.  They practically have to murder their boss to lose their job. 

Personal Effectiveness

So what if the office operations aren't great?  What does that have to with the people involved?  

Boredom - politics - unhappiness - stalemates on change - entrenchment - disinterest - and a stagnant workforce

If nothing is progressing, everything is going backwards because the world will advance even if your enterprise and people in it aren't.  Catch-up is nearly impossible.

How will you know the difference?  If you're on top of your operations, you'll know because you'll be knowledgeable and aware of what's going on at all times.  Including everyone will be your style and they'll tell you quite clearly when things aren't working.  Honesty, integrity and openness are the hallmarks of someone paying attention to the operations.

On Contract Only Live and Virtual - Office Operations Specialist and Advisor

On Contract Live and Virtual is here improve their office functionality for the greatest results with the least stress and the most productivity - places where people like coming to work and where they feel their role is important to the whole of the organization. An environment in which their voice is important to everyone.

No one has a corner on good ideas.  No office can run well without people who are not continuously looking to improve themselves through both hard and soft skills.  Security comes from a positive environment and, yes, it takes work like tending a garden - great product comes great input.

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Lorraine Arams
Office Operational Specialist and Advisor


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