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the Passion for Creating Great Working Environments and the Love of Training

Putting to use what I have learned to help others  turn operational dysfunction into a high productive, positive workplaces

My opportunity to learn about great operations came in a non-profit - the brainchild of a highly successful entrepreneur whose first love was the performing arts.  He made his fortune in Belgium, the Congo and here in Canada.  Sitting at the stock exchange, schmoozing with the "locals" and building up a reputation as an effective businessman, he built and developed an impressive import business landing exclusive contracts with major retailers.  He knew how to do it all.  Buying his mansion in an exclusive community, he gave it all up to pioneer several non-profits like this Province had never seen.  He was financially set to raise his family and follow his passion.

I came in just as he was starting out in his new ventures. - a small operation.  However, he pioneered more and more non-profits.   And it is how I developed my passion for effective and efficient operations as the one organization grew to five operations and annual projects. 

If you've ever worked for a creative entrepreneur, you know how busy . . . busy  . . . busy times each new venture requires - there was no time to waste and every single job had to count and support every other job.  Though he financially backed the non-profits to some extent, he never wasted money.  And he never let operations get out of control either.  He knew his numbers and could interact on par with any businessman no matter the enterprise.

As for me, he could see my potential and saw my work ethic -  he taught me and had me work at everything - accounting, budgeting, reporting, hiring, structures, processes and procedures, promotions, equipment re-tooling, advertising, fundraising, sales - I did it all eventually as he prepared me for the future.  

The huge impact of constantly creating new programs and new societies meant there was no room for wasting time, energy and resources.  I learned.  And I became very good at "fixing" impoverished operation, something most people could not comprehend.  If they allowed me to do it, they loved the results during the time I worked in their group and after I left.  Why?  The effective operations stuck and, if someone was capable, the operations changed over time with the good foundations I set for them.

So now, here I am online - helping people with their operations to relieve the stress, the chaos and create positive workplaces - happy places where people love to get up and go to work.  They love being at work and love to participate.  Does it take work?  You bet but the results are worth the efforts for everyone concerned.

Are you willing to eliminate the chaos, stress, lack of functional workflows, and poor productivity?

Are you willing to put in the work?  Yes, it's a lot of work.

Whether big business, government, small business or non-profits - I've worked in them all - waste - a lot of waste - all kinds of resources wasted every single day - human, equipment, time, energy, productivity and just plain sacrificing the pure enjoyment of accomplishment
I offer you the opportunity to change - utilizing my innate talent and experience to help you.
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Lorraine Arams
Office Operational Specialist and Advisor

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