Are Meetings Work?

blue people at tableDo you think that meetings are the same as actually doing work?

Some people seem to think so.

Has anyone ever seen a job description which simply says:  attend meetings only?

Yet, the common complaint today is that employees never see managers because the managers are in meetings all day every day.  Employees, without a manager, just do their best and hope for the best.

When I ask these managers what the employees do, the managers have no idea which creates an interesting scenario when new hiring is required.

What we have are people with manager titles not managing.

Meetings can be very useful.  Information can be passed along.  Ideas developed to include all concerned.  New knowledge can be acquired.  Reports reviewed for comprehension.

But . . . work does not get done in meetings . . . even though some people think it should.  The work is done outside meetings.

Meetings should be brief and focused.

I had a job which was a shocker.  I arrived on the job and was given a list of meetings I was to attend.

All day, every day, meetings chewed up my days.

One day I met with my boss.  When she asked if there is anything I would like to talk about I brought forward the numbers of meetings I was scheduled to attend and the time it took leaving me no time to work with my team.

Immediately, changes were made.  She reigned in the numbers of meetings attended by everyone, handed out the agenda format consisting of no more than 1/2-hour meetings and expected a report from everyone every week outlining the number of meetings attended, length of meetings, purpose of those meetings and the results of the meetings.

Some people actually felt lost.  Meetings no longer filled their days.  What an amazing treat for employees.  The employees had a manager on hand to help solve the issues and make necessary changes.  Wow!  What a concept – a manager working with their team to get work done . . . .

If you’re swamped with meetings, help make the changes necessary to make meetings effective and productive with time left to actually get the work from your job description done.

Lorraine Arams
On Contract Only





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