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Passionate, energetic and experienced office operations advisor and trainer/ I help enterprises and their people maximize their potential and successes in a well-structure environment for flow and growth.

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desires on contract only

DO YOU?  DOES YOUR CAREER REFLECT THAT DESIRE – YOUR ESSENCE? HOW DO YOU KNOW? That’s how many people find themselves – not knowing  their true essence.  And, worse, they don’t know how they would recognize their most critical desire. Their wants  have no foundation in the root of their being.   What is your …

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Keep Your Mouth Shut in the Workplace Unless . . .

You Know It’s Something Someone Else was Already Agreeing On Keep your mouth shut in the workplace unless you know that someone or everyone is in agreement. Why?  Because if someone doesn’t like what you said, you’re in trouble.  No one may give you any indication whatsoever that you have made a “faux pas” but …

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Is It Hard Being a Non-profit Board Member?

How Hard is it to be a Non-Profit Board Member? As in all activities in life, if you’re not suited for the job, it will be hard. If you love it, then, being a board member in a non-profit will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. How will you know whether it suits you or …

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Non-Profits – What Makes a Difference on the Inside?

What Makes a Difference on the Inside in Non-profits ? Non-Profit Organizations Non-profits rarely engage in introspection.  Conflicts, they think, are just something that happens.  Often, they are dismissed at personality conflicts.  Conflict is only a symptom of a deeper issue. The deeper issue is mutual respect.  When Staff and Board do not respect one …

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Conflict – Does it Happen in Non-Profits?

making a difference

Does Conflict Happen in Non-Profits? It does just as in any other business.  But . . . it’s supposed to be a group of people doing good in the community – shouldn’t they all get along? People are people – no matter what they’re doing for whom or what. Expect Conflict Everyone thinks they’re right.  …

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