Should You Ever Change Your Budget?

Is Altering the Budget Responsible Financial Management? Board members often comment on an executive director’s performance as poor because the executive director dared change certain items in an approved budget.  The opposite should be revered.  Why? Any executive director that is rationally adjusting expenditures in the budget is one who is paying attention to the …

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Define Executive Director . . . if you can Have you read some ads lately on job sites by non-profits wanting to hire executive directors?  If you haven’t, take a look. In my opinion, boards of directors are confused as to what an executive director is.  They seem to think that anyone can take on …

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NOT MUCH!    The similarities between small business and non-profits are far greater than anyone realizes. Most people are quite surprised by the similarities.  They are both businesses after all!  THINK ABOUT IT . . . Both have: investors operations profits/losses staff in one form or another promotion and advertising finances competition sales and marketing …

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Are You A Blue?

Are You A Blue? If you’re not, dealing with a Blue can be quite challenging especially if you’re a Green or an Orange.  Everyone has some colour combination but one colour dominates each one of us.  What does that mean? True Colors is a personality system which can help people better understand themselves and others …

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Are You Killing Yourself? Every Day


Every Day You’re Killing Yourself You may not acknowledge it. You may ignore it. You may refuse to accept it. You Are . . . . Because you let them do it to you . . . . The excuses: I’d rather have peace than say anything It’s not worth it I need my job …

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