Non-Profits – What Makes a Difference on the Inside?

What Makes a Difference on the Inside in Non-profits ? Non-Profit Organizations Non-profits rarely engage in introspection.  Conflicts, they think, are just something that happens.  Often, they are dismissed at personality conflicts.  Conflict is only a symptom of a deeper issue. The deeper issue is mutual respect.  When Staff and Board do not respect one …

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Conflict – Does it Happen in Non-Profits?

making a difference

Does Conflict Happen in Non-Profits? It does just as in any other business.  But . . . it’s supposed to be a group of people doing good in the community – shouldn’t they all get along? People are people – no matter what they’re doing for whom or what. Expect Conflict Everyone thinks they’re right.  …

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Can You Make a Difference?

Maybe.  Making a difference requires many things to come together.  You may deeply want to make a difference but you don’t have the experience or expertise to do what it takes.  So many people want to do something but rallying the “troops” proves to be a bigger challenge than they anticipated.  That’s why some people …

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Fundraising is Optional

Fundraising for any Non-profit is Optional. Why? Getting the money an organization needs is a mindset. Mindsets have been closed because, well, if the organization is non-profit, it’s automatic that it fundraises.  This is a myth.  There many ways a non-profit can get the money it needs to operate and help their cause. Really?  Really! …

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Grant Writing Season Is Almost Here

Get ready!  Grant writing season is almost here. In fact, some grant deadlines are already upon us at the end of August – who would be so cruel as to make the end of August a deadline for grant applications?  Summer is so short! Here is a tip to get help you get ready: Prepare …

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