Conflict – Does it Happen in Non-Profits?

making a difference

Does Conflict Happen in Non-Profits? It does just as in any other business.  But . . . it’s supposed to be a group of people doing good in the community – shouldn’t they all get along? People are people – no matter what they’re doing for whom or what. Expect Conflict Everyone thinks they’re right.  …

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Can You Make a Difference?

Maybe.  Making a difference requires many things to come together.  You may deeply want to make a difference but you don’t have the experience or expertise to do what it takes.  So many people want to do something but rallying the “troops” proves to be a bigger challenge than they anticipated.  That’s why some people …

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Love the Organization You’re In

Love the Organization You’re In Why? Why not?   What is the point of devoting time, energy, talent and resources to an organization whose purpose you don’t care about? So many board members have no clue what the organization does so when it comes to promoting the organization, they can’t explain to potential supporters what’s …

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Fundraising is Optional

Fundraising for any Non-profit is Optional. Why? Getting the money an organization needs is a mindset. Mindsets have been closed because, well, if the organization is non-profit, it’s automatic that it fundraises.  This is a myth.  There many ways a non-profit can get the money it needs to operate and help their cause. Really?  Really! …

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Grant Writing Season Is Almost Here

Get ready!  Grant writing season is almost here. In fact, some grant deadlines are already upon us at the end of August – who would be so cruel as to make the end of August a deadline for grant applications?  Summer is so short! Here is a tip to get help you get ready: Prepare …

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