6 Key Indicators of a Dysfunctional Board

Resutls or Just A Lot of Talk?

What are the Six Leading Indicators of a Dysfunctional Board? They are actually easy to spot because nothing of any consequence happens to increase the health of the organization.  In other words, aside from talk, little action takes place. Often, these dysfunctional and ineffective boards will tell you about: the amount of time they’ve devoted …

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Board Members Are People Too

Non Profit Board Members

Are Board Members Too Much Maligned? Boards, in some cases, can be maligned despite their best efforts trying to do a good job.   In other cases, the anger directed at them is well earned. However, good or not, board members are people too.  They are people who are volunteering their time and, as should be …

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SERVING ON A BOARD MAY BE A BIG SURPRISE! You’ve been asked to serve on a non-profit board of directors. Your friends do it. It would seem like a good career move. You ask your boss and your boss thinks it would be good experience and good exposure for the company. Do you do it …

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The Decision-Making Power of Mission Statements

Making Decisions without a Mission Statement is like Steering a Sail Boat without a Rudder. Most groups who don’t have a Vision Statement often don’t have a mission statement either.  They wonder why decision-making is so tedious and, sometimes, riddled with conflict. If they do have a mission statement, the message often is unclear and …

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Why Bother with Vision and Mission Statements?

together you can

Why Bother with Vision and Mission Statements?  Some people think it’s a total waste of time to create a Vision and Mission Statement for a non-profit organization.  After all, doesn’t everybody know why the organization exist? They don’t. Worse – the members of the board, volunteers and staff may not either and act upon their …

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