Afraid To Do What’s Right

accountability and fear

Are you afraid to do the right thing?  If so, you’re not alone. There are many people, in fact, most who are. That’s why we revere courage so greatly – there’s little of it around. Why do you think that is? Is it self-preservation?  Is it fear of retaliation?  Is it not knowing what is …

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Can You Hire Successfully Without The Process Taking Months?

Can you hire the right person in weeks instead of months? There seems to be a strange and rather odd premise today that taking a long time to hire results in the best hire.  How this premise became mainstream is beyond my comprehension based on several years of hiring people in all types of jobs. …

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Communication – Is It Important?

Communication – is it important? Is that question simply silly? Is it?   As silly as that question may seem at first glance, communication remains the single most difficult human experience in every day life. One person says something which they believe the listener or listeners will receive as intended.  It is or is not …

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Volunteers – Should You Bother With Them?

Should you bother with engaging volunteers?   What Is A Volunteer? Why do they do what they do? Where do they come from?   Volunteers are unpaid workers, basically.  Why would anyone work for no financial return?  The reasons for volunteering are as varied as the people who volunteer: a reason to get out of …

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Is Efficiency Truly Efficient?

Ever wonder if efficiency is all that it’s cracked up to be?    Everyone should because efficiency can be a detriment to any business.  At first, it would seem counter intuitive to make such a statement.  We’ve all seen it – time and energy directed at creating a highly efficient process or system only to …

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