How Can You Make an Postive Impact in Your World?

Have you ever wondered how you could impact your world in a positive way? What would it take? Actually . . . you’re already doing it – every single day! Everyone does in one way or another.  Most people think about it only when someone else wins a gold medal in the Olympics or gets …

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How Can You Keep Your Volunteers Energized and Engaged?

What can you do in your volunteer program to keep your volunteers engaged, enthusiastic and continuing to help you attain goals? There is so much written about volunteering.   There are workshops, books and newspaper articles.  However, most volunteer programs fall short.  The experience of volunteering can be quite unsatisfying.  Why? Lack of care and attention. …

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Dogs and Learning to Manage Well

How do dogs help people learn to manage well? Academic study consists of theories and hypothesis.  That’s good to help humans expand thinking.  However, in the real world, we soon discover that theories and hypothesis are relatively useless.  Experience is the great teacher. Theories and hypotheses also don’t deal with human fundamentals.  It’s all about …

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