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Can You?  Would You?  Job Share

Job Sharing involves far more than splitting hours.

Job Sharing can be very complicated and very intimate.   The more people job share, the more complicated the relationship gets.  And even though the benefits to job sharing can be wonderful to fulfill other desires and goals, it can, like any other relationship, have problems.

Why Would Someone Want to Job Share?

The reasons are many not the least of which is a way to keep a job or come back to work after such an event as a Pandemic or an economic downturn or company difficulties.

Some people want to go back to school but need an income.  Some want to raise their children and an on-going income is important.  Others want time to do other things in their lives with a financial backup.   What would you want to do?  Why?

The Complications 

Two people - one job - and all that entails.  Details - details - details and . . . personalities.  Each and every person has their own style of working.  For example, one communications person likes to prepare posts way ahead of time.  Another, creates posts in shorter intervals and attends more to replying to visitors who have commented.   Who is right?  Who is wrong?  Both approaches seem to produce results but how would this difference work for two people sharing one job?  Would there be a necessity for change?  Possibly.   Who would have to adopt a new approach?

Who Are You?

We go to work not thinking much about ourselves - we do our work and go home.  Job sharing demands more.  Job sharing demands that you know a lot more about your work self than you might realize.  And so does the other person sharing the job - right from the beginning.  You might like Jane in meeting but what would it be really be like to work with Jane in job sharing?  Do you know how she works and what her attitude and style working closely with others?  You might like Jane so much if you knew she bullies others or she is so weak, she can't make the simplest decision without an "analysis" - would that drive you crazy?

Getting to know yourself and who you could be compatible within a job sharing situation which would require changing, adapting, cooperating, collaborating and managing conflict as you have never, ever done before on the job is the beginning of the process.  The intimacy involved in such a relationship is real.  The more open your eyes are, the better.

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Lorraine Arams

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