Do You Feel Like a Duck Out of Water at Work?

Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

Have You Paid Attention to You in the Office?

Constant change is part of the human experience.  Are you keeping up? 

Most people have a job to support a lifestyle.  They show up for work and each has an agenda. How many actually are skilled at managing themselves and their careers every day.

When was the last time you thought about your career?  Have you resolved some of the interpersonal issues at work?  Are you continuously upgrading both your skills in your work and in your workplace?  Coaching and online courses can help you change as needed.

Compete Daily

The workplace is a competition.  As in any competition, your adeptness at navigating that world must be honed daily just to keep your job never mind get promotions if that is what you want.  Not everyone wants a promotion and that’s okay but having a job can be important to you for the long haul.  Even people who have created their own little fiefdom within an organization need to pay attention.

This Blog and Business

This blog and my company are dedicated to office operational effectiveness and efficiency.  Within that scope are the people who keep operations flowing well.  The operations can only work at peak effectiveness if the people within that operation have skills, attitude and abilities which allow the constant tweaks needed to keep the “machine” running without drag.  Change is constant.  If people possess positive traits towards their work, they welcome it.  Change is always a part of their workplace.  No massive overhauls are necessary because the workplace and the people in it have maintained the operations continuously.

Is Change Your Friend?

Are you part of that constant change?  For now and for your future, every single employed person needs to be constantly updating not only for the organization they work for but for themselves.  Layoffs are part of our world.  We all need to be ready by upgrading our knowledge and capabilities.  Why?  Because then we are re-employable somewhere else.  Otherwise, your resume may sound as though you resist change and no new employer can afford those kinds of employees.

Ask your questions

 Online Courses can show you how to overcome obstacles 

What’s your next move?

Busy is no excuse.  Get the help you need and start moving forward.  Remove your obstacles. 
Take care of yourself and your future.
How will you feel 10 years from now? 

Make time for your career and personal development or one day you’ll wonder whatever happened to your life.

What is Personal Development? 

Personal development means on-going attention to change the aspects of yourself you want to change.

Key here:   Do you know what you want to change?

You may want to know how to gain more confidence, improve your self-esteem or build better symbiotic relationships.  The spectrum is large. 

We don’t all need the same help and, throughout our lives, we want to change different aspects of ourselves as life experiences alter our reality.

BECOME A BETTER PERSONWhat is Career Development?

Career development involves developing and managing your career to achieve goals and objectives. 

It involves training on new skills, perfecting your abilities to handle inter-personal relationships inside and outside the enterprise as well as other activities which will allow you to achieve the career that best suits you. 

Career success is multi-faceted and needs on-going development of skills and abilities to navigate the web of “intrigue” in the workplace.

Career development is not clear-cut.  There are many twists and turns in job situations and, often, career development can involve starting a business.  

Are You on Track?  Do You have a Plan?

Do you have the courage to change?  Most people don’t.  They’re afraid of contravening status quo and the price to be paid for not conforming to norms whether it suits them or not.  After all, conformity is the “norm” of our social structures for a variety of purposes.

If you have the courage . . . .

 Then this part of the site is for you.  Book an appointment today.

Over time, I will post webinars, blogs, ebooks, courses, PDFs and podcasts to help you through the quagmire of creating focus and a plan to stay on course even when life tries to interfere.  I learned a lot while I was earning my degree in psychology but have learned ever so much more since that time.  I want to share the knowledge I’ve acquired to help you.

Everyone needs many, many teachers and, in turn, we must all be teachers passing on our accumulated knowledge to others who can benefit from the teachings.

Contact me and get the momentum moving for your career and life – click here

 Why should you bother?

For your own benefit – that’s it – for you and you alone to help you live the life you want to live your way.  It’s your choice.

Lorraine Arams

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