Communication – Is It Important?

Communication – is it important?

Is that question simply silly?

Is it?


As silly as that question may seem at first glance, communication remains the single most difficult human experience in every day life.

One person says something which they believe the listener or listeners will receive as intended.  It is or is not – no one really knows until discussions ensues whether the message was received as intended or not. 

I am often miffed that people misunderstand the message I’m delivering.  In my mind, the message was clear.  I may have even spent hours crafting a message. 

In fact, I’m downright stunned sometimes.  I’m equally shocked how I can be sitting in the same room as someone else, hear the exact same words being spoken and, yet, talking about the presentation later find that we’re at complete opposites as to what was said and the intention of the speaker.

Filters – we all have them – and when people work together, those filters are in full play as are personal agendas.  How we feel about the person delivering the message further compounds the interpretation of what is heard.

How can we ever understand each other?

That’s why, of course, when a group of people unknown to one another enter a room communication can become so challenging.

What can we do about it?

Stay open and know that what is being delivered doesn’t necessarily mean the message gets through as intended.  We can only do our best and hope for the best.  It is the way of the human. 

As long as we keep talking, respectfully, open to other view points, can the conversation continue and can we all get to some point of understanding.

The process can never be taken lightly – we need to communicate a lot to communicate!  Why? Because without communication, what do we have?

Lorraine Arams

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