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Is No an Answer? Recently, an executive director responded to an email I had sent him letting him know about my services and products for non-profits.   Having been an executive director for some time, I started a business to assist non-profits with their issues which includes services for executive directors. The answer: No.  Nothing …

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Executive Directors and Stress

Executive Directors and Stress are Friendly Foes One of the greatest enemies of Executive Directors is stress but it can be friendly.  Why?  Because Stress is manageable through good organization practices. If an executive director recognizes that their office systems may be working against them, then at least one area of stress is eliminated.  Often, …

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Does It Take Too Long to Explain the Project to an Independent Contractor?

  Does the Time Taken to Work with an Independent   Contractor Worth It? Many executive directors believe they must do the work that cannot be done by others in the organization.  Often, executive directors simply don’t have enough staff for the workload required.  The hours get very long.  The stress builds.  Soon, the executive director …

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Should You Ever Change Your Budget?

Is Altering the Budget Responsible Financial Management? Board members often comment on an executive director’s performance as poor because the executive director dared change certain items in an approved budget.  The opposite should be revered.  Why? Any executive director that is rationally adjusting expenditures in the budget is one who is paying attention to the …

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Define Executive Director . . . if you can Have you read some ads lately on job sites by non-profits wanting to hire executive directors?  If you haven’t, take a look. In my opinion, boards of directors are confused as to what an executive director is.  They seem to think that anyone can take on …

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