Non-Profit “Smoke and Mirrors” Exploitation – Why?

pig eating money at the troughWhy Exploit?

Why do people think it’s okay to “abuse trust” in non-profits and exploit the money for personal use? 

Because they can – with impunity – without consequences – especially when the organization is mainly funded by government.

There are no rules and, if there are, they are not enforced – it’s all “smoke and mirrors”.

Because, let’s face it, people in government live like queens and kings at thecartoon - shirt and tie person with bagt of money taxpayers’’ expense.  Imagine senior bureaucrats staying at the Fairmount Hotels.  They should be booked at the Holiday Inn when it’s taxpayers footing the bill!  So, of course, when members of a society being funded by taxpayer dollars is doing the same thing, it’s just fine.

Personal Gain

Yes, I call it filching because the expenditures in question have nothing to do with the work of the society and everything to do with personal gain.  I’m sure that nowhere in their Constitution and By-Laws does it say that the money can be used for personal expenses of board and staff.  Of course, cunningly, the documents likely don’t say they can’t either.

Yet Another Story

Again, this week, in our newspapers, another non-profit organization hits front page.  Of course, organizations mainly funded by the government are the most susceptible to abuse since, much of the time, the “funding” is related to anything but the purpose stated – “smoke and mirrors”.

The sense of entitlement for personal gain and abuse entrusted public money is becoming an epidemic.

Not only are we seeing the least surprising suspects, but now, regularly, “doing good” is an excuse for rewarding yourself with $900 dollar a night hotel rooms, $35,000 holiday personal trips and a $8,600 in limo bills for a “night on the town” while “legitimate non-profits” struggle to help their constituents.  Governments cut grants to those “un-politically connected” non-profits but lavish certain people with disguised funding.

Dereliction of duty is an understatement.

To add insult to injury – the senior executives will get a “severance package” – yes, that’s right – bonuses to seriously fail at their jobs with the excuse that it’s frog and scorpion“messy”.

Why did the board and staff quit?  Because they got caught – that’s the only reason – the “gravy train” is over.

How many others have not been caught?

Of course, it’s messy.  All the staff receiving  “perks” and the board members should be formally criminally charged.  They were entrusted to look after the needs of the poor.  I guess they thought themselves as “poor” and “entitled” to the money they spent on themselves to have a good time!

The difference is:  they had their hands in the cookie jar while real poor people were left to fend for themselves – as usual.

Will the nonsense ever, ever stop?

Taxpayers are being “fleeced” at every turn – million dollar a year pensions for politicians, multi-million dollar personal agendas pushed forward very quickly using taxpayer money and benefits and perks without common sense.

The government department to oversee non-profit organizations has been systematically depleted of personnel.  The rules governing non-profits are not enforced and it’s a free for all.  law is guilty

Government has been “dumping” their responsibilities to “so-called societies” for years – arm’s length delivery of services.  Another “smoke and mirrors” strategy by government bureaucrats for purposes which will never be talked about openly. 

Is it any better?  It seems a lot worse.  Greed is rampant.

Lorraine Arams
On Contract Only




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