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Which Non-Profit Should You Give Your Money to?

Often, I’m asked: “Which non-profit should I support?”   My answer:  the non-profit which appeals to you and does the most good   Here are some considerations: What interests you?  What are you the most passionate about?  What change would you like to see? Write a list. Pick 3.  Which organizations serve those interests well?  …

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Is No an Answer? Recently, an executive director responded to an email I had sent him letting him know about my services and products for non-profits.   Having been an executive director for some time, I started a business to assist non-profits with their issues which includes services for executive directors. The answer: No.  Nothing …

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Does It Take Too Long to Explain the Project to an Independent Contractor?

  Does the Time Taken to Work with an Independent   Contractor Worth It? Many executive directors believe they must do the work that cannot be done by others in the organization.  Often, executive directors simply don’t have enough staff for the workload required.  The hours get very long.  The stress builds.  Soon, the executive director …

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Define Executive Director . . . if you can Have you read some ads lately on job sites by non-profits wanting to hire executive directors?  If you haven’t, take a look. In my opinion, boards of directors are confused as to what an executive director is.  They seem to think that anyone can take on …

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Can You Make a Difference?

Maybe.  Making a difference requires many things to come together.  You may deeply want to make a difference but you don’t have the experience or expertise to do what it takes.  So many people want to do something but rallying the “troops” proves to be a bigger challenge than they anticipated.  That’s why some people …

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