Is Your Office Making You Sick?
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Would you ever imagine that working in an office would make you sick? It does. And in many more ways than you would think. The seriousness can go from the common cold to dying of a heart attack or colon cancer. Got your attention?

What should you watch out for?

First and foremost, ergonomics - your chair, mouse, keyboard, and set up. The more a person sits in unhealthy postures, the greater the probability of overuse of hands, wrists, arms and fingers in ways that cause serious and often life changing injury over time.

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Sitting time is the next major factor. How long do you sit without a break? Think of your body for a second sitting in one place for long hours. Not even your car can sit undriven for any length of time - how do you think your body can without serious side effects such as circulation, digestion, and pressure on different parts of your body.

Air quality - how is the air quality in the office? Stale air is stale air and the result is poor oxygenation of your body, headaches, and tiredness.

Then, there is the almighty stress. How stressed are you? What are you doing which allows a high level of stress to continuously color your days? Stress is well known for encouraging obesity or bringing on heart attacks and other serious diseases or for mental well-being.

And have you thought of your physical surroundings? When was the last time the carpet was cleaned? Are the garbage cans clean or growing nasty things? Is the equipment wiped down regularly? Many people don't wash their hands after using the washroom. Has the fridge become a laboratory of rotting matter? And how about the boxes overhead? Could they drop on your head and cripple you for life?

What will you do when you go to the office tomorrow? Will you have a look around and see what you can do to make your space safer? Will you show your manager and ask what can be done to protect everyone?

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