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At the Office is a comprehensive look at office operations, equipment, communications, etc.

Is Your Office Making You Sick?

Would you ever imagine that working in an office would make you sick? It does. And in many more ways than you would think. The seriousness can go from the common cold to dying of a heart attack or colon cancer. Got your attention? What should you watch out for? First and foremost, ergonomics – …

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Can You? Would You?

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Can You?  Would You?  Job Share Job Sharing involves far more than splitting hours. Job Sharing can be very complicated and very intimate.   The more people job share, the more complicated the relationship gets.  And even though the benefits to job sharing can be wonderful to fulfill other desires and goals, it can, like any …

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What Do You Sound Like?

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Do you know? Most people are surprised when they hear themselves in a recording. Often people realize they sound better than they thought. Could it be there are other parts of you which are better than you thought they were? Likely. So what? Who cares? You should. Why? The foundation to your life is you. …

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Is No an Answer? Recently, an executive director responded to an email I had sent him letting him know about my services and products for non-profits.   Having been an executive director for some time, I started a business to assist non-profits with their issues which includes services for executive directors. The answer: No.  Nothing …

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Executive Directors and Stress

Executive Directors and Stress are Friendly Foes One of the greatest enemies of Executive Directors is stress but it can be friendly.  Why?  Because Stress is manageable through good organization practices. If an executive director recognizes that their office systems may be working against them, then at least one area of stress is eliminated.  Often, …

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