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Should You Ever Change Your Budget?

Is Altering the Budget Responsible Financial Management? Board members often comment on an executive director’s performance as poor because the executive director dared change certain items in an approved budget.  The opposite should be revered.  Why? Any executive director that is rationally adjusting expenditures in the budget is one who is paying attention to the …

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Non-Profit “Smoke and Mirrors” Exploitation – Why?

Why Exploit? Why do people think it’s okay to “abuse trust” in non-profits and exploit the money for personal use?  Because they can – with impunity – without consequences – especially when the organization is mainly funded by government. There are no rules and, if there are, they are not enforced – it’s all “smoke …

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Afraid To Do What’s Right

accountability and fear

Are you afraid to do the right thing?  If so, you’re not alone. There are many people, in fact, most who are. That’s why we revere courage so greatly – there’s little of it around. Why do you think that is? Is it self-preservation?  Is it fear of retaliation?  Is it not knowing what is …

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