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Does It Take Too Long to Explain the Project to an Independent Contractor?

  Does the Time Taken to Work with an Independent   Contractor Worth It? Many executive directors believe they must do the work that cannot be done by others in the organization.  Often, executive directors simply don’t have enough staff for the workload required.  The hours get very long.  The stress builds.  Soon, the executive director …

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Should You Ever Change Your Budget?

Is Altering the Budget Responsible Financial Management? Board members often comment on an executive director’s performance as poor because the executive director dared change certain items in an approved budget.  The opposite should be revered.  Why? Any executive director that is rationally adjusting expenditures in the budget is one who is paying attention to the …

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Non-Profits – What Makes a Difference on the Inside?

What Makes a Difference on the Inside in Non-profits ? Non-Profit Organizations Non-profits rarely engage in introspection.  Conflicts, they think, are just something that happens.  Often, they are dismissed at personality conflicts.  Conflict is only a symptom of a deeper issue. The deeper issue is mutual respect.  When Staff and Board do not respect one …

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Are Meetings Work?

Do you think that meetings are the same as actually doing work? Some people seem to think so. Has anyone ever seen a job description which simply says:  attend meetings only? Yet, the common complaint today is that employees never see managers because the managers are in meetings all day every day.  Employees, without a …

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Can Anxiety Impact the Executive Director’s Ability to Succeed?

Anxiety and the Executive Director Anxiety can be a daily companion for an executive director.  The expectations are high and the resources few.  Boards can be very demanding.  Staff may not appreciate the intensity of the position.  Clients see problems. And . . . then . . . there’s all the work to be done …

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