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Can You Hire Successfully Without The Process Taking Months?

Can you hire the right person in weeks instead of months? There seems to be a strange and rather odd premise today that taking a long time to hire results in the best hire.  How this premise became mainstream is beyond my comprehension based on several years of hiring people in all types of jobs. …

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Is Efficiency Truly Efficient?

Ever wonder if efficiency is all that it’s cracked up to be?    Everyone should because efficiency can be a detriment to any business.  At first, it would seem counter intuitive to make such a statement.  We’ve all seen it – time and energy directed at creating a highly efficient process or system only to …

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Undercover Boss – Where Are Your Managers?

Undercover Boss – Where are Your Managers?  What are They Doing? I like watching Undercover Boss on tv.  Despite the fact that I know it’s somewhat contrived, the show demonstrates two important facts:  how out of touch CEOs are with their employees and managers and executives are simply not managing.  We wonder why there are …

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Dogs and Learning to Manage Well

How do dogs help people learn to manage well? Academic study consists of theories and hypothesis.  That’s good to help humans expand thinking.  However, in the real world, we soon discover that theories and hypothesis are relatively useless.  Experience is the great teacher. Theories and hypotheses also don’t deal with human fundamentals.  It’s all about …

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