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What is a Key Factor to a Successful Meeting?

What Key Factor Leads to Meeting Success? Etiquette. Yes, manners. Some will argue that they are not a “yes” person and believe discussion is healthy.  True, discussion and debate are healthy except when it comes to people disrespecting one another such as: name calling telling the other person that there idea is stupid yelling screaming …

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Why Are You A Board Member?

  Why Are You Occupying That Seat As A Board Member?     “My friend asked me to sit on the Board.” “I thought it was a good career move.” “I like what the organization is doing in the community and I thought I could help.” “I have no idea.  It seemed like the thing …

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6 Key Indicators of a Dysfunctional Board

Resutls or Just A Lot of Talk?

What are the Six Leading Indicators of a Dysfunctional Board? They are actually easy to spot because nothing of any consequence happens to increase the health of the organization.  In other words, aside from talk, little action takes place. Often, these dysfunctional and ineffective boards will tell you about: the amount of time they’ve devoted …

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