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Can You? Would You?

man wearing blue shorts about to dive on body of water

Can You?  Would You?  Job Share Job Sharing involves far more than splitting hours. Job Sharing can be very complicated and very intimate.   The more people job share, the more complicated the relationship gets.  And even though the benefits to job sharing can be wonderful to fulfill other desires and goals, it can, like any …

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What Do You Sound Like?

close up photo of feathers

Do you know? Most people are surprised when they hear themselves in a recording. Often people realize they sound better than they thought. Could it be there are other parts of you which are better than you thought they were? Likely. So what? Who cares? You should. Why? The foundation to your life is you. …

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Are You A Blue?

Are You A Blue? If you’re not, dealing with a Blue can be quite challenging especially if you’re a Green or an Orange.  Everyone has some colour combination but one colour dominates each one of us.  What does that mean? True Colors is a personality system which can help people better understand themselves and others …

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Are You Killing Yourself? Every Day


Every Day You’re Killing Yourself You may not acknowledge it. You may ignore it. You may refuse to accept it. You Are . . . . Because you let them do it to you . . . . The excuses: I’d rather have peace than say anything It’s not worth it I need my job …

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