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volunteering in the right volunteer position can have enormous benefits on your career trajectory.

What is a Volunteer?

    What is a Volunteer?   There seems to be some confusion about what it means to be a volunteer.  So many stories are emerging of board members who receive trips at a society’s expense or entertain lavishly or book into $900 a night rooms abroad when traveling on the society’s business.  These board members …

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How Are You Treating Your Volunteers – All Volunteers?

Do you have volunteers? How do they feel about how they are treated – really?   Personally, I’m astonished how poorly volunteers are treated in the non-profit sector.  Some organizations do a great job but most don’t. Why? I ask myself that question often. Volunteers represent “money in the bank”. Every hour a volunteer donates …

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What Should Serving on a Board of Directors Be Really About?

What is the number one reason to serve on a board of directors? Feeling good. That’s all it should be about. but  . . . humans make even the simplest tasks and duties complicated by serving their own personal wants and needs and losing focus on their roles. The bully wants to “rule”.  On a …

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Why Are You A Board Member?

  Why Are You Occupying That Seat As A Board Member?     “My friend asked me to sit on the Board.” “I thought it was a good career move.” “I like what the organization is doing in the community and I thought I could help.” “I have no idea.  It seemed like the thing …

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Board Members Are People Too

Non Profit Board Members

Are Board Members Too Much Maligned? Boards, in some cases, can be maligned despite their best efforts trying to do a good job.   In other cases, the anger directed at them is well earned. However, good or not, board members are people too.  They are people who are volunteering their time and, as should be …

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