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volunteering in the right volunteer position can have enormous benefits on your career trajectory.

What is a Volunteer?

    What is a Volunteer?   There seems to be some confusion about what it means to be a volunteer.  So many stories are emerging of board members who receive trips at a society’s expense or entertain lavishly or book into $900 a night rooms abroad when traveling on the society’s business.  These board members …

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How Are You Treating Your Volunteers – All Volunteers?

Do you have volunteers? How do they feel about how they are treated – really?   Personally, I’m astonished how poorly volunteers are treated in the non-profit sector.  Some organizations do a great job but most don’t. Why? I ask myself that question often. Volunteers represent “money in the bank”. Every hour a volunteer donates …

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What Should Serving on a Board of Directors Be Really About?

What is the number one reason to serve on a board of directors? Feeling good. That’s all it should be about. but  . . . humans make even the simplest tasks and duties complicated by serving their own personal wants and needs and losing focus on their roles. The bully wants to “rule”.  On a …

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Why Are You A Board Member?

  Why Are You Occupying That Seat As A Board Member?     “My friend asked me to sit on the Board.” “I thought it was a good career move.” “I like what the organization is doing in the community and I thought I could help.” “I have no idea.  It seemed like the thing …

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How Can You Make an Postive Impact in Your World?

Have you ever wondered how you could impact your world in a positive way? What would it take? Actually . . . you’re already doing it – every single day! Everyone does in one way or another.  Most people think about it only when someone else wins a gold medal in the Olympics or gets …

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