Recruiting New Board Members the Smart Way

help post itCan an Organization Recruit New Board Members Wisely?

Most don’t.  Anyone will do.


Because most boards have no structure around their work and, therefore, have no idea how to effectively recruit new board members.

What Does It Take?

Understanding your organization thoroughly, its needs, and what is required to fill those needs.

Imagine a company owner.  This owner recognizes that more people must be hired.  So, the ad is placed online and offline:

“Hiring.  Send a cover and resume to this email address:  info@ companyxyz”

Who would apply?  Likely no one since most people would think it was a hoax or, if they did apply, they were curious or desperate – any job will do!  How much time will be wasted by this company owner replying to looky-lous or waiting for the right person to walk through the door.  Would the owner recognize the right person?

No one would hire this way so why is it okay for boards of directors to find new board members in a nameless, directionless and vague way?  It isn’t.

How is it done?

By knowing what you’re looking for.

  • What need is the organization trying to meet?
  • What skills will be required to achieve success?
  • What is the timeline?
  • Where could you find people with the skills who would be willing to serve on the board to help the organization achieve those successes?
  • What will the board members have in hand to help them “sell” a new board member on joining?
  • How will the candidate know that the board has its act together and is high functioning?
  • How will the candidate understand that she/he won’t be wasting their time and chances of success are high?

Structure and Relationships

A board structured to operate effectively and efficiently is mandatory.

Relationships amongst board members must be healthy, healthier than any workplace environment. How are yours?

Once a board has these elements in place can the expectation of great recruiting follow.

And . . . Love the organization you’re in!  It will shine through!

Ebook:  How to Brilliantly Recruit New Board Members 

how to brilliantly recruit board members

Lorraine Arams

On Contract Only

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