What Do You Sound Like?

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Do you know?

Most people are surprised when they hear themselves in a recording. Often people realize they sound better than they thought.

Could it be there are other parts of you which are better than you thought they were? Likely.

So what? Who cares? You should.


The foundation to your life is you. Obvious? Most of us, though, have missed the obvious. We never think much about our voice, our walk, our posture and other pieces of our physical self

How Comfortable are You in Your Own Skin?

  • Are you constantly comparing yourself with others?
  • Do you know the style of clothes which suits your body type best or do you just go for whatever fits?
  • Do you manicure your nails every week for a clean, sleek look?
  • Do you iron your clothes and repair them when they need it?
  • Do you shine your shoes?

These are the little things which demonstrate how much you are paying attention to yourself or not. If you are paying attention, how positive is the attention?

Comparing yourself to others is negative attention. How much good does comparing yourself to others do for you? Likely nothing. Different people. Different views. Different. Nothing can compare to you nor you to them.

But taking care to identify your style will assure that you buy clothes which fit your body and make it look the very best it can.

Manicuring your nails, ironing and repairing your clothes and shining your shoes will make a huge difference to how you feel about yourself. You care. You care to make what you have look the best it can and you're paying attention to what you have by keeping everything you have in good repair and condition.

So What?

All these little things add up to attitude. Attitude towards yourself. Do you like yourself? Does it matter?

Absolutely - in everything you say and do.

You show up in every minute of your life.  And through the way you look, the words and tone you use and how you present yourself, all of the people of the world react to you accordingly.

If you respect, love and appreciate all you are and all you have, others will react to you the same way.

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Which color are you? Every sound you make has a color. Each word you speak has a color called tone. Each movement you make says something about how you feel. Your shoes, your nails, your clothes - each and everything about you tells a lot about you. Who are you? What do you "sound" like anywhere.


Carry a recorder with you or use the voice recording option on your phone and keep it running all day long when you interact with others. At the end of each day, listen to your recording. Are you proud of yourself? What do you need to change? Could you improve on your vocabulary? Is your tone of your sounds appropriate to the situation? Listen to your sounds to learn about yourself.

Lorraine Arams, On Contract Only

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