What is a Key Factor to a Successful Meeting?

blue people at tableWhat Key Factor Leads to Meeting Success?


Yes, manners.

Some will argue that they are not a “yes” person and believe discussion is healthy.  True, discussion and debate are healthy except when it comes to people disrespecting one another such as:

  • name calling
  • telling the other person that there idea is stupid
  • yelling
  • screaming
  • swearing
  • pounding the table repeatedly
  • not letting others have their say by talking over them or interrupting
  • shaking fists
  • threatening people with bodily harm
  • giving people the “old evil eye”
  • “foul” gestures

Healthy debate is healthy – for all concerned.  But, most often, people have not been trained in debate etiquette and get way off target.  Eventually, no one hears anyone else.

Good debates allow everyone to have their say, every idea and/or comment is given due consideration and nothing is discounted without facts to back it up.

If a meeting is getting uncomfortable, make a simple request, “May we please all take a break for 5 minutes, take a deep breath and come back with more respectful attitude?  Thank you.”  That should set a new tone and get behavior back on track.

Lorraine Arams



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