Which Non-Profit Should You Give Your Money to?

choosing non-profit Often, I’m asked:

“Which non-profit should I support?”  

My answer:  the non-profit which appeals to you and does the most good  

Here are some considerations:

  1. What interests you?  What are you the most passionate about?  What change would you like to see? Write a list. Pick 3.
  2.  Which organizations serve those interests well?  Research online to find them locally, regionally,  country-wide or internationally.  Read about them.  Find news items.  Read their site and their annual reports.  Call them with questions from your research.  Ask friends and family if they know anything about the group.  And use any other means from which you can get your questions answered including social media.
  3.  Once you’ve done your research, a certain group should impress you.  You’ll know which one you want to support because you’ll get a “feel” for the organizations.  Support that one.

What if, once you’ve gone through this process, you may not want to support any of the groups?  

Pick another topic of interest and go through the same process.

Should it be this hard? 

Why shouldn’t it be?  It’s your money we’re talking about.  You earned that money and you want to give some of what you earned.  Don’t you want your money to do the most good in the most responsible and caring non-profit you can find? 

When you want to help, give where your money will do the most good.  What are the achievements of the organizations?  Are they fulfilling their mandate?  Are their constituents receiving the most assistance possible?  

If you want an example of an organization that gets results, look at Hope for Wildlife,  https://www.hopeforwildlife.net/. 

Rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife every day of the year, Hope for Wildlife have wonderful success stories.  You can see the results – 40,000 animals helped in a very small community – that’s impressive!  They find all kinds of new ways to help animals and share their learning.  You can view the TV series on https://www.knowledge.ca/program/hope-wildlife.

Not all organizations can boast such tremendous results but getting results should matter on a consistent basis. Some organizations which have raised millions of dollars over decades have not even achieved any level of real help or solved the issue for the afflicted.  Some of these organizations are international and still few to no results, only the same old spiel every single campaign year after year.  Why?  There is no excuse when millions of dollars have poured in and are still pouring in for some of these groups claiming to bring solutions to such topics as poverty, famine, cancer, neurological diseases, pollution, destruction of resources, etc.      

Choose Where Your Money Will Make a Difference

Choose where you give your money carefully.  You worked hard for that money and could do a lot of other things with it.  Make sure you put your money in the hands of people who do what they promise and can report real progress every single year.

Lorraine Arams

On Contract Only Live and Virtual
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